I just want alfrado

When I prove someone wrong in an argument, with clear evidence, and they’re just like “I know” it eats away at my soul a little bit.


Save Me-Seahaven 

I know you say that I can’t be trusted. need your faith, I’ve grown maladjusted. Don’t quit just yet, I’ll be lost forever, You are my saving grace. Come save me, won’t you come save me?”

(via sassysadprincess)


all the pretty girls // fun.

all the pretty girls on a saturday night
let it be, you’ll come to me with the look in your eyes
will you break and take all the words from my mouth?
i wish all the pretty girls were shaking me down

Im gonna watch Hxh and then sleep
Then wake up tomorrow, and apply to places.
And watch The Hobbit part 2
And see muh bae for a little before she goes to work.
Then probably keep applying places.